McCourt Completes the Acquisition of Olympique de Marseille Football Club

10/17/16 |
McCourt LP
Marseille – 17th October 2016 – Mr. Frank H. McCourt, Jr. and Mrs. Margarita Louis Dreyfus are announcing the completion of the acquisition of the Olympique de Marseille football club by Mr. McCourt. The details of the transaction have not been communicated. As of today, Mr. Jacques-Henri Eyraud will act as president of the club.

Mr. McCourt has stated: "Today we begin writing the next chapter in the incredible story of Olympique de Marseille, one that I am truly excited and humbled to be a part of.  I have no doubt that the challenges faced by OM both on and off the pitch in recent years have negatively impacted the club's supporters.  The loyalty and perseverance shown by OM fans in spite of those difficulties is testament to the power of this sport and to their love for our club. I want to say to the fans: “You have my sincere thanks for your ongoing support and perhaps more importantly, you have my commitment to honor your loyalty by delivering success.” As the steward of OM, it is both my mission and my obligation to guide OM to the highest ranks of European football.  We will do just that. We have a clear vision of success and an ambitious plan to achieve it.  We have the resources necessary to invest and the courage to make decisions and take action. The course we've charted will require great passion, commitment and resilience.  It will require strong leadership and, at times, it will require patience. I have every confidence in Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the new President of OM, and his ability to implement our plan and deliver success for the club. This is an exciting time to be a supporter of Olympic de Marseille. I invite you to join us as we embark together on this incredible journey and return Olympique de Marseille to glory."