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    Our vision is to build a new model of enterprise that maximizes value by integrating financial results and social impact.

    Frank McCourt, Chairman and CEO
    Frank McCourt headshot

    We see technology as a lever for strengthening our civic institutions, fostering sustainable democracy, and producing a more just economy.

    Braxton Woodham, President, Unfinished Labs

    We connect people, resources, and ideas to create powerful networks that imagine new ways to change lives, lift communities, and address the challenges of society.

    Paula Recart, President, Unfinished Media and Network
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    McCourt creates world-class experiences that bring out the best in athletes and their communities through the transformative power of sport.

    Barry Cohen, Vice Chair
    Barry Cohen headshot

    We are a business of builders and of creators, taking possibility and turning it into something good and worthwhile.

    Jeff Ingram, Vice Chair
    Jeff Ingram headshot

    We diversify our focus beyond real estate and create a significant presence in the global marketplace.

    Joe Riley, Chief Financial Officer
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