Interior of the Orange Vélodrome during a Olympique de Marseille match


The Power of Sports

Our belief in the power of sports to bring people together is an integral part of our heritage, dating back nearly a century ago when Frank McCourt’s grandfather, Francis McCourt, became a part-owner of the Boston Braves.

About om foundation

Channeling passion from the game to make positive change

Created in 2017, the OM Foundation transforms the unifying power of sport, the passion of its fans, and the strength of the Olympique de Marseille brand into a vector of social responsibility, cultural development, and economic opportunity. By harnessing the iconic OM brand, its savoir-faire, and its deep roots in the city, the OM Foundation aims to be a facilitator for engagement for Marseille youth and a key player in the sustainable transformation of the city. 

Straight to the Heart: OM Foundation’s 4 Pillars of Action

Since its start in 1883, OM’s rallying cry has been droit au but, a powerful play on words that means “straight to the point” in French – and “straight to the goal”, le but, for l’OM. The OM Foundation’s motto is droit au coeur, “straight to the heart.” Positioned at the heart of the club and Marseille, with the city’s needs at heart, to touch the hearts of the Marseillais.

At the heart of a more sporty city 

Make sports more accessible to all and use it to advance our common values.


At the heart of a more united city

Reduce inequalities and bring joy to the Marseillais


At the heart of a more innovative city

Use innovation to boost the development of young Marseillais


At the heart of a more sustainable city

Protect the Mediterranean Sea and reduce plastic waste


Past Sports & Media Initiatives

Rider competing at the Global Champions League Super Cup

Equestrian Endeavors

Global Champions League

In 2014, MG became 50 percent owner of the Global Champions League and Tour, the equestrian world’s most celebrated international show-jumping competition, which MG successfully exited in 2022.

Miami Celtics

MG also has franchised the acclaimed Miami Celtics equestrian show-jumping team for multiple seasons, most recently in 2022, when the Celtics claimed the Global Champions League Super Cup.

Los Angeles Marathon

In 2008, MG acquired the operating rights to the Los Angeles Marathon, where MG designed a visionary “Stadium to the Sea” course for this celebrated annual event.  Later, MG donated the for-profit endurance race business to the nonprofit The McCourt Foundation.

Runners competition in the Los Angeles Marathon

Dodger Stadium

Utilizing his deep experience as a builder, Frank worked to improve Dodger Stadium and spring training facilities. In 2005, Dodger Stadium unveiled significant renovations, including full seating replacements in the bowl area, a full renovation of the field level, and stadium club improvements for an enhanced game day experience. In 2009, Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona, opened as a new 13,000-seat stadium and practice facility, which was a ground-up project spearheaded by Frank that is now home to the L.A. Dodgers and Chicago White Sox spring training camps.

Global Reach

In 2008, the Dodgers and San Diego Padres traveled to Beijing to play a two-game exhibition series, which still holds the record as being the first and only MLB games to be played in China.

Community Impact

The team also expanded its community impact efforts. As owner, Frank worked in partnership with the Dodgers Dream Foundation in committing to build fifty “Dodger Dreamfields” to provide children throughout Greater Los Angeles with access to baseball fields. And in 2005, the Dodgers made a $1 million-plus commitment to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, donating $105,000 each year for 10 years to fund 42 college scholarships per year.

In 2012, Frank sold the Dodgers for $2.2 billion — at the time, the largest sale of a professional sports franchise in history. This paved the way for an eventually record-breaking, $7 billion media rights deal.  As part of the sale, the new owners agreed to continue the Dreamfield initiative and have pledged to complete seventy-five fields by 2033, the 75th anniversary of the Dodgers’ move to Los Angeles. To date, 60 Dreamfields have been created to serve children across the region.

Baseball game at Dodgers Stadium

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