Building a better civic life in the digital age

At McCourt Technology, our focus is on the future, and our ability to bring breakthrough ideas to life has made our technological ventures pioneers in the field.

McCourt Technology harnesses cutting-edge tech by launching new businesses, such as Elemint, which utilizes Web3 technology to design and develop solutions that better connect sports, media, and entertainment brands to create direct relationships with their fans and customers.

Investing in a Healthier Digital Future


As part of MG’s commitment to advancing healthier technology, the company serves as an investor and collaborator to MeWe, a 20-million-member global social network known for its commitment to providing an authentic social media experience that is free from algorithms, amplification, and manipulation. MeWe is integrating DSNP into its tech architecture and, by utilizing this open-source protocol as well as blockchain technology, aims to become the world’s largest decentralized social network and provide its growing user base with a new level of control over their data.

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