McCourt The Shed

The McCourt unveiled at The Shed after a $45 million gift

On March 5, 2017 The Shed, the first multi-arts center designed to commission, produce and present all types of performing arts, visual arts and popular culture, announced that its iconic multi-use hall will be named The McCourt in recognition of a $45 million gift from board member Frank H. McCourt, Jr and his family. At the announcement Frank McCourt said, “It is with gratitude that my family and I chose to become involved with The Shed, but I want to mention the contribution of many others. Whether you are holding a pencil or a hammer you’re all the builders, and it is your ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity that is making this happen. But as excited as I am to see the concrete and the steel, I must say that it is meeting all of the artist and hearing about your work that is bringing this to life for all of us here. The Shed is a big idea. It is a place where all forms and expression of culture can meet and intersect. The McCourt holds the promise of being one of the great rooms in the culture world as a place for artists and thinkers to come together to create and to collaborate. The Shed is one of the great new institutions of the 21st century.”
"The space where these performances will take place is getting a new name: the McCourt, named after the businessman Frank McCourt Jr., who is giving $45 million to the venue."
- The New York Times 

“The center is one of the great new institutions of the 21st century’, said Shed board member Frank H. McCourt, Jr., who heads the McCourt Global asset-management firm. Center officials also announced a $45 million gift from Mr. McCourt and his family in support of the venue.”
- The Wall Street Journal 

"Perhaps the biggest reveal was the staggering donation of $45 million by Frank McCourt, Jr., to support The Shed’s mission. In thanks, The Shed’s largest and most iconic hall space will henceforth be named The McCourt."
 - The Villager