UEFA Grassroots Award for community champions Marseille

Olympique de Marseille coach working on drills with a young FC La Castellane player

Apr 11 UEFA Sports & Media Impact

Olympique de Marseille have been named Best Professional Club in the 2022/23 UEFA Grassroots Awards.

The honour comes thanks to the club and its charitable foundation’s support in creating and growing FC La Castellane, a grassroots community club in the north of the city.

Since its birth in 2019, La Castellane has developed into a pillar of the local community, providing social support and a safe place to play for local children and young people. With 15 teams and more than 130 registered players, the club has grown rapidly, introducing a women’s section for 2022/23.

As well as paying fees, donating equipment and training coaches, Marseille also offer Castellane players, staff and volunteers the opportunity to train at the OM Campus, with regular invitations to matches and concerts at their iconic Stade Vélodrome home.

Zvonimir Boban, UEFA technical director & chief of football:

“Every player we see on our screens in UEFA competitions began their journey on a local pitch with friends or family.

“The elite game relies on a strong grassroots base, and that is why it is imperative that we celebrate the lesser-known stars who are bringing the game to people of all ages and abilities across Europe.

“We look forward to announcing the winners this week and congratulate them all on their fantastic work.”

Winner’s words – Lucie Venet, executive director of OM Foundation:

“We decided to create a football club dedicated to the local community in order to have a sustainable and positive impact on the local community. We knew that children were playing football, but they didn’t have a football club. So, the purpose was really to give them the opportunity to practice football in a club affiliated to the French Football Federation with qualified coaches.

“La Castellane is more than just a football club. The purpose is really to offer new opportunities and have a positive impact on the players, not only as players, but as the citizens of tomorrow.

“Here, football is a vehicle for many other things. We really want to offer these children the very best that we can. Diversity is a really important area for us. It’s our vision that we give the children new opportunities to really work on cultural awareness, education and training on all the different aspects of their life.”

About the UEFA Grassroots Awards

The UEFA Grassroots Awards have been celebrating outstanding contributions and achievements in the game since 2010. Focused on football outside the elite game, the awards turn the floodlights on some of the unsung heroes and inspiring initiatives that make football such a vital part of communities throughout Europe.

Candidates are nominated by Europe’s national football associations, with award winners selected by UEFA’s Development and Technical Assistance committee following recommendations made by the organisation’s Grassroots Panel.

The criteria for Best Professional Club include outstanding non-commercial grassroots work, providing for a wide range of participants and delivering a positive social impact. Judges looked for a club with an inclusive agenda or specific social objective that demonstrates commitment to its role in society, the local community and the grassroots game.

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