Frank H. McCourt, Jr.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Frank H. McCourt, Jr., is an American thought leader and civic entrepreneur who has been internationally recognized for his successful business ventures and for his work to achieve policy and social impact. By combining business acumen with a keen interest in civic need and social good, Frank has invested in real estate, finance, sports and education while building an inclusive global network to strengthen society and improve people’s lives.
When the McCourt family immigrated to America from Ireland in the late 1800s, they brought with them to Boston an unwavering work ethic, a commitment to community, and a boundless belief in America as a land of opportunity. Those values have driven the McCourt family’s dedication to service for generations, and continue to motivate Frank today. Through a business career that has spanned the globe, Frank’s firm has built an impressive portfolio of real estate holdings and development projects including residential and commercial properties in Miami, New York City, London, and Los Angeles. His firm also manages MGG Investment Group, a specialty finance business, as well as McCourt Partners, a private investment platform with over $1 billion in permanent capital. These investments have not only been financially successful; they have also spurred growth and development in communities around the world, revitalizing neighborhoods and fostering inclusive civic infrastructure.
Frank believes strongly in the importance of public impact through sports. In 2008, he acquired the operating rights to the Los Angeles Marathon and led it to global acclaim with his visionary Stadium to the Sea course before donating the race to The McCourt Foundation in 2019. He became the owner of the L.A. Dodgers in 2004 and guided the team to back-to-back National League Championship Series for the first time in 33 years before selling the team In 2012 for over $2 billion—the largest sale of a professional sports franchise in history. He also recently sold his stake in the Global Champions Tour—the equestrian world’s best-known international show jumping competition. Frank is the owner of the legendary Olympique de Marseille football club, which was applauded in April for opening up living space at its training center to women who had been victims of domestic violence—providing meals, counseling, security, cleaning, and logistics services to women and children at a time when isolation due to COVID-19 caused a spike in reports of domestic abuse. In all of these efforts, Frank worked to build partnerships with community organizations, spur lasting civic connections and spark meaningful and positive change.
Frank is also a vocal advocate for the role that universities play as civic institutions committed to social impact. Over the course of a decades-long partnership with Georgetown University and its president, Jack DeGioia, Frank has been a consistent promoter of the university’s active engagement in addressing social challenges and supporting the public good. Since founding the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy in 2013, Frank has remained integral to its efforts—and following the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has sponsored the university’s work to apply academia’s evidence-based solutions to the toughest policy issues in a post-pandemic world.
In addition to his engagement with existing organizations, Frank is involved in imagining and creating new civic institutions, from inclusive performance spaces like The Shed in New York City to Unfinished—a network of networks designed to solve complex issues at scale—to an emerging social effort called the Institute of Civic Imagination. In all areas of his work, Frank is committed to enterprises that align action and purpose—not as a philanthropic afterthought, but as a way to create sustainable value and social impact at the same time.
Frank graduated from Georgetown University in 1975 with a degree in economics, and has served on the university’s Board of Directors for many years. He and his wife, Monica, reside in Florida with their children Luciana and Brodie. Frank is also the father of four boys—Drew, Travis, Casey, and Gavin.