Social Media App MeWe to Bring Frequency Blockchain’s Self-Sovereign Identity to Its 20M Users

Polkadot x Frequency x MeWe

Apr 26 coindesk eliza gkritski

Social networking app MeWe is adopting the Frequency blockchain, built on Polkadot, to bring self-sovereign blockchain-based identities to its 20 million users, the MeWe team announced at Consensus 2023 here on Wednesday.

Social networks create the so-called social graph to map the interconnection of relationships between people, things and interests. This key information mostly remains in the hands of big tech companies, and it is often used to cater advertisements to specific users. Think of how Spotify lets you see what your friends are listening to and suggests music to you.

The integration will allow MeWe’s users to take control of their identity data and act as a foundation for controlling the data they have on social networks, the blockchain firm said.

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