Project Liberty Welcomes 20-Million-Member Social Media Platform to DSNP, Enabling New Era of Decentralized Social Networking


Project Liberty is welcoming MeWe, a 20-million-member global social network, to the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP). Today, MeWe announced plans to integrate DSNP, a groundbreaking, open-source internet protocol released by Project Liberty last year, into its tech architecture. DSNP frees the social network from closed, proprietary platforms, securing individual data rights and establishing a forum for open collaboration.

By utilizing DSNP technology, MeWe is doubling down on its core values of privacy and user-control and strengthening its commitment to providing an authentic social media experience that’s free from algorithms, amplification, and manipulation. This integration sets MeWe on course to become the world’s largest decentralized social media platform.

“If you look at social media today, it’s clear that we need an entirely new design to empower users and support healthier digital communities,” said Frank McCourt, Founder of Project Liberty. “DSNP enables a new path forward for social media platforms, like MeWe, that want to give their members more control, greater privacy, and an authentic sharing experience. We are excited to see MeWe harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to lead the way forward.”

DSNP decentralizes online social networks and, because it’s governed by the community that uses it, lays the groundwork to shift the power balance of the web economy from social media companies to individuals.

“MeWe was created to respect the fundamental human right to privacy while allowing people to enjoy what is great about social media — family, friends and finding community,” said Jeffrey Edell, Chairman and CEO of MeWe. “Integrating DSNP into our growing platform further aligns our technical infrastructure with our core values of privacy and user-control. By providing this option to our members, we are leveling up MeWe’s commitment to putting users in control of their social media experience. We look forward to showing the benefits of technology designed to empower users and enable healthier digital communities.”

MeWe will begin allowing its members to transition to a decentralized system in 2023, starting with features like a secure, password-free sign in option. MeWe is working with its global user base and group administrators to engage its members and solicit their feedback at every stage of this transition. Over time, this decentralized technology will democratize the way MeWe operates, allowing for input on the social network’s product development initiatives and platform policies. 

“Today, social media is a monopoly with too much power in too few hands. MeWe is pioneering a new, values-driven way to do social media. Decentralization allows everyone to participate and puts control back into the hands of the people. It’s an exciting vanguard to be a part of,” said Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple and MeWe Advisory Board Member. 

About DSNP

The Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), released by Project Liberty in 2021, is an open-source protocol that establishes a universal social graph that is no longer controlled by a specific application. This new technology frees the social network from closed, proprietary platforms, securing individual data rights and establishing a forum for open collaboration. DSNP establishes shared standards and enables shared network effects across the entire ecosystem of applications and services that will leverage this new public resource. Individual digital rights are secured at the protocol level and preserved no matter what app people use. 

About MeWe

MeWe is a social network built to put privacy first and committed to giving users more control over their data and social media experience. The company offers a groundbreaking “Privacy Bill of Rights” which guarantees users control of their data and news feeds. MeWe allows users to join groups, engage their friends, and puts them in complete control without ads or algorithms. With 20 million members worldwide and unique features such as the MeWe 2-way camera, MeWe is host to over 600,000 member-driven interest groups. MeWe encourages authentic engagement between users by not manipulating or amplifying content and safeguards its members with strong Terms of Service.

MeWe was named a 2020 Most Innovative Social Media Company by Fast Company and a 2019 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2016, MeWe was honored as Start-Up of the Year Finalist for “Innovative World Technology” at SXSW.

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