Our Legacy

The McCourt family has been “building for tomorrow” since 1893 through the creation and development of the John McCourt Company, one of New England's most successful road building companies. The family's interests have since diversified and, today, range from real estate and finance to sports, media, and technology.

Launching a Family Enterprise

John McCourt, an Irish immigrant, launches the John McCourt Company in Boston, just as industry and innovation are beginning to change the shape of the city and the nation.

A Solid Foundation

McCourt lays the foundation for what quickly becomes one of Boston's most respected road building businesses. While the company will grow and diversify in the decades and generations to come, its focus on "building for tomorrow" will remain.

The Next Generation

The John McCourt Company is run by John's three sons – Francis, Tom, and John Jr. – and is regarded as one of the leading road-building companies in New England.

Mobility and Opportunity

The first half of the 20th Century saw the infrastructure needs of a newly mobile population increase dramatically, so too did the opportunities for the company and the McCourt family.

Georgetown University

Frank McCourt, son of Francis, graduates from Georgetown University and launches the family's multi-generational relationship with the institution.

The War Years

World War II opens new doors to partnership and service for the John McCourt Company and the McCourt family. Working with the U.S. military, the company builds airports across New England.

Modernizing an Iconic Airport

The McCourt family plays a key role in the enlargement and modernization of what is later known as Logan International Airport.

Sports and Philanthropy

Now running the family business, Francis McCourt becomes part-owner of the Boston Braves. The following year the Variety Club of New England and the Boston Braves together establish the Jimmy Fund, the first charity ever to raise funds for children's cancer.

Rebuilding a City

Following service during World War II, Frank McCourt, son of Francis, returns to Boston and the family business where he leads the company's evolution from road builder to general contractor, taking on larger and more complicated infrastructure projects across the city.

The Fourth Generation

The next McCourt generation, represented by brothers Richard, David, and Frank Jr., expands and diversifies the family business. Richard continues the family's work in large-scale infrastructure construction including Boston's "Big Dig" and the Logan Airport expansion.

New Directions, New Cities

Following graduation from Georgetown University, Frank H. McCourt, Jr. enters the family business. He quickly expands the company's footprint through a series of significant development projects across the Northeast United States.

Rebirth of the Seaport

McCourt acquires 24 acres of abandoned waterfront railyard in Boston's Seaport and begins planning for the development of the City's largest mixed-use development to date.

Building New Technologies

David McCourt, Frank's brother, adds telecommunications and media to the family business interests as he builds several industry-leading companies including MFS/McCourt, RCN, and C-TEC.

Leading the Team

McCourt acquires the Los Angeles Dodgers and, under his stewardship, the team makes more post season appearances than during any like period in its history. In 2012, after eight years of ownership, he sells the Dodgers for $2.15 billion – the largest sale of a professional sports franchise in history.

Continuing the Family Tradition

While owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, McCourt leads several important philanthropic initiatives, including the launch of ThinkCure!, a not-for-profit focused on funding research that leads to a cure for cancer and modeled after the Jimmy Fund which his grandfather helped create 60 years before.

Polishing an LA Treasure

McCourt acquires the operating rights to the Los Angeles Marathon, introducing a new marathon course that attracts world class runners and sponsors, as well as a charitable program that raises millions for area causes each year.

New Horizons

Following the Dodgers sale, McCourt's company, McCourt Global, opens its headquarters in New York City and focuses on global business opportunities in real estate development, sports and media, and finance.

Vision and Commitment

McCourt makes significant investments in philanthropic endeavors including a $100 million transformational gift to launch the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University, which will contribute data-driven, policy-based research and solutions to the urgent policy issues of our time.

The Fifth Generation

Drew McCourt becomes president of MG Properties, representing the fifth generation of continuous family stewardship, and quickly expands the company's global real estate footprint with a flagship development project in the Shoreditch area of Central London.

Building for Tomorrow

McCourt makes a founding investment to Culture Shed, an innovative arts and culture center in New York City, and a large investment in The Future Project, an organization focused on unlocking the passion and vision of youth across the country.

New Opportunities

McCourt acquires an ownership interest in Global Champions Tour, the Formula 1 of show jumping, and launches MGG Investment Group, a specialty finance company.