OUR BIGGEST FIGHT on Built In: What If We Lived in an Open Data Economy?

Mar 12 Built in Frank H. Mccourt, Jr. & Michael j. CASEY

In an excerpt from their latest book, our experts imagine a world where we’re in control of our own online experience.

America, despite everything, represents the dream of the possible. We think it’s now time for all of us to start to dream of something better for the next generation of the internet. So, let’s indulge ourselves in that dream.

Before we do, an important caveat: As with the nineteenth-century United States to which my ancestors migrated, where half of the nation continued to support the heinous slave trade, the new internet will not be an unblemished utopia. Bad actors will still do bad things. There will be scams and manipulative conspiracy theories and stupid memes and toxic behavior. Sadly, humans gonna human.

What’s different is that this new internet will not be structured in a way that incentivizes bad behavior. Since there’s no longer a clique of uber-platforms deploying algorithms whose reward system encourages extremist views or seeks to shape our behavior in their profit interest, space will open up for moderate voices and decent behavior.

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