Nicholas Thompson on Amplica Labs Acquisition of Speakeasy AI

Apr 19 Narwhal Nicholas Thompson

Some good news about a good project

A while back, I started talking to Raffi Krikorian and Ian Bremmer about tools one could build to help democracy function better. We decided to construct a social media platform that would help people understand each other better. So Raffi and I got together a great small team and an amazing group of beta users. We named the platform Narwhal and then SpeakEasy AI .

We built tech to sort conversations by quality; to disincentivize trolling; to introduce people to new ideas; to prevent ideological echo chambers. We figured out creative ways to use AI to bring new voices into thriving discussions. The conversations were good! Users loved it. We didn’t, however, see a path to viral growth or to a sustainable business model. So we ended the experiment.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that the tech is being acquired by the perfect partner: Amplica Labs and Project Liberty . We’re excited to work with Braxton Woodham and Frank McCourt to build the ideas into their burgeoning software ecosystem. I’ll be discussing this shortly on stage at The Project Liberty Summit at MIT. Raffi has just joined the Amplica Labs advisory board. And there will be much more to share soon.

Thank you to the many wonderful people who helped this project along the way. A particular shout-out to Gitesh Gohel, Brian Barrett , Loren Riesenfeld , and Beth Chasse who were there from day one all the way through. And thank you most of all to the users of Narwhal who, for a brief-but-awesome moment, created a spot for truly amazing and informative conversations online.

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