Axios Markets: One billionaire’s solution to our tech dystopia

Mar 12 Axios Felix salmon

In a world where accelerating global warming and worries of nuclear war fill the public daily with existential dread, infrastructure billionaire (and former L.A. Dodgers owner) Frank McCourt Jr. is here to warn us that one threat in particular dwarfs all others — the power of big technology companies.

McCourt says American life today is “well and truly on fire” and avers that everything from the fentanyl epidemic to rising youth suicide rates can be attributed to the problems with big technology companies.

  • “Our humanity and, indeed, our very lives are at stake,” he writes. Big Tech “has stripped us of what makes us human.”
  • Warning that we’re slouching toward “dystopia” and an “era of digital feudalism that will make the Middle Ages pale by comparison,” he adds: “This is not hyperbole.”

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