Axios AM: Frank McCourt’s web warning

Frank McCourt speaking in a fireside chat at Paris Blockchain Week

Mar 12 Axios MiKe Allen

Frank McCourt Jr. — an infrastructure billionaire and former L.A. Dodgers owner — argues in “Our Biggest Fight,” out today, that the internet as it currently functions “is the primary cause of a pervasive sense of unease in the United States and other democratic societies.”

  • Why it matters: While ringing an alarm, McCourt is an optimist with a big platform in an age when hope is scarce in the public arena.

“We can’t solve the other big issues … if we can’t even agree on facts, if we’re destroying the minds and the attitude and the confidence of the next generation,” McCourt said at an Axios event at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin this weekend.

  • “So fix the tech, and we have a chance to fix the problems. … The tech should be part of the solution.”

McCourt dedicates the book to his mother, Kay McCourt, who “for over a century never lost her optimism about the future.”

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