Amplica Labs Welcomes Veteran Technologist Raffi Krikorian as New Advisor to Support Advances on AI

Mar 26 Amplica Labs Technology Press Release Project Liberty

This addition of Raffi Krikorian to the advisory board marks a significant milestone for Amplica Labs in its ongoing mission to build the critical infrastructure to transform the internet into a global social network that is decentralized, open, and equitable.

Amplica Labs today announced that Raffi Krikorian, Chief Technology Officer of Emerson Collective and globally recognized tech expert, is joining its advisory board. This strategic addition comes at a pivotal time as Amplica Labs continues to push the boundaries of decentralized technology to improve the social web, ensuring users have ownership and control of their data.

Krikorian brings a unique skill set and a solid history of developing and utilizing technology to create significant positive effects on both society and the business world. His varied experience, which includes leadership positions at Twitter, Uber, and the Democratic National Committee, equips Amplica Labs with unmatched expertise in social media, artificial intelligence, and building tech infrastructure.

Braxton Woodham, President of Amplica Labs, expressed his enthusiasm for Krikorian’s addition, “Raffi’s focus on the technological innovation for the betterment of society aligns perfectly with our mission at Amplica. His strong track record of intentional and strategic use of technology is exactly what we need as we incorporate recent AI advancements into our contributions to DSNP and Frequency. We are excited to welcome him and look forward to the invaluable insights he will bring to our growing work.”

Harry Evans, CTO of Amplica Labs, added, “Having someone of Raffi’s caliber on our advisory board is a testament to the groundbreaking work we’re doing here at Amplica Labs. His experiences with shaping the tech landscape at Twitter and Uber, coupled with his commitment to using technology as a force for good, will be instrumental in guiding our blockchain and AI initiatives.”

Advancing Technology for the Good of Society

Krikorian shared his excitement for this new role, saying, “Joining Amplica Labs as an advisor is a unique opportunity to contribute to the evolution of AI in a way that truly benefits society. I’m eager to work alongside Braxton, Harry, and the rest of the Amplica Labs’ world-class team to explore how we can use AI not just to innovate, but also to positively enhance human experiences and interactions.”

Krikorian, an MIT graduate and Speakeasy AI co-founder, has demonstrated a deep commitment to innovative, thoughtful technology solutions throughout his entire career.  His role as host of the Technically Optimistic podcast and newsletter highlights his ongoing exploration of technology’s role in society.

The inclusion of Krikorian to Amplica Labs’ advisory board is a milestone in the company’s journey to reshape the digital landscape through the development of groundbreaking technology like the Frequency blockchain and Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), implemented by global social network MeWe with more than 700K on-chain users today. His counsel will be vital as Amplica Labs endeavors to develop technology that is a catalyst for empowerment, privacy, and positive societal change.

About Amplica Labs

Amplica Labs is a tech company committed to enabling creators to build the next generation of social applications that empower people in their digital lives. Operating under the umbrella of Project Liberty, a far-reaching, $500 million initiative launched by McCourt Global, our world-class technology team plays a pivotal role in constructing essential infrastructure and contributing to core protocols, notably Frequency and DSNP.

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