Amplica Labs Welcomes Mickey Maher as Chief Business Officer

Nov 10 Amplica labs Technology Press Release

The technology veteran brings 20 years of experience in business development to the growing Web3 company

Amplica Labs (formerly Unfinished Labs), a company developing critical infrastructure for the builders of the next era of social networking apps, today announced the appointment of Mickey Maher as its first Chief Business Officer (CBO). In this pivotal new role, Maher will work alongside Amplica Labs’ senior leadership team to target partnership opportunities, lead collaboration with corporate and non-profit partners, and spearhead strategic planning efforts around growth opportunities.

Maher has an extensive background in business development and blockchain technology and recently worked as the Senior Vice President of Platform and Blockchain Partnerships at Dapper Labs. During his time there, he orchestrated the go-to-market launch of the Flow blockchain and managed coordination with large strategic partners, ecosystem app developers, licensors and app stores, including Apple, Google, Samsung, YouTube and Amazon.

Prior to joining Dapper Labs, Maher spent nearly a decade in the mobile app ecosystem, most notably taking Unity Ads to market and managing that business at Unity from pre-launch to nearly $400M in revenue. Maher started working with innovative technologies as an early hire at Sometrics, one of the first builders on the Facebook social graph. When Sometrics was acquired by American Express, Maher joined as Director of Business Development in the Enterprise Growth Group.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Mickey join our team,” said Braxton Woodham, President of Amplica Labs. “He brings years of valuable knowledge and industry relationships to the table and, as we continue to grow and build partnerships within this emerging tech space, will leverage his proven skill set to open up new opportunities for our organization and the growing decentralized ecosystem.”

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to continue my work bringing the benefits of Web3 technology to the masses with the talented team at Amplica Labs,” said Maher. “I entered the tech industry with the vision that blockchain will allow billions of users to own their digital footprint and cut out the middleman, and I believe that Amplica Labs has the potential to fulfill that mission.”

Amplica Labs has been at the forefront of innovation by creating entirely new models for the digital age, including the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) — a groundbreaking open-source protocol designed to serve as a new infrastructure for the next generation of the web. Amplica Labs also was a critical contributor to Frequency, a Polkadot parachain designed to support the scaling of the Social Web, which was recently adopted by MeWe, a social network with more than 20 million users worldwide.


Amplica Labs, a key part of McCourt Global’s technology efforts, has contributed to a range of infrastructure projects including Frequency and DSNP. Amplica Labs’ mission is to develop tooling and infrastructure that equips builders to launch the next generation of socially aware apps, transforming the Internet into a global social network that is decentralized, open and empowers equitable participation in the digital economy.

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