Unfinished is an impact network and media platform devoted to the simple idea that if we open our minds and create the space for possibilities, we can advance powerful solutions to the most critical challenges of our time.

By tapping into the power of communities, creative media, and new technology, Unfinished connects thought leaders, culture shapers, policy makers, and innovators to provoke ideas, elevate unheard voices, and pursue collaborations for greater impact. Our work focuses on three areas:

How do we channel the power of technology to unleash progress while protecting the privacy and personal data of citizens, promoting trust, and building networks to create a more just, inclusive, and healthy society?

How do we reshape the economy—its risks and rewards, institutions, protections, and regulations—to offer shared prosperity, sustainability, and value for all citizens?

How can our democratic systems offer new and broader avenues for civic imagination, diverse representation, and constructive engagement so that participation in our government is strengthened, trust in our institutions is restored, and innovative social ideas can become reality?

The Unfinished partner network includes some of the most innovative organizations in social impact, including Ashoka, the Aspen Institute, the Ford Foundation, For Freedoms, Georgetown University, Imperative 21, the Max Steinbeck Charitable Trust, McCourt, Mil M2, PolicyLink and The Shed. The network is united by a shared commitment to expanding the path of civic progress by creating new spaces for asking questions, listening to stakeholders and starting inclusive conversations.