Alison McCauley

Chief Advocacy Officer, Unfinished

As the Chief Advocacy Officer of Unfinished, Alison works to raise understanding of how we can all contribute to bringing higher and healthier standards for technology into existence. Alison has worked at the intersection of social science and new technology for over two decades, devoting her career to understanding and driving behavior change. She has helped executives and founders of over 100 companies to drive adoption in new markets and dynamic environments. As the CEO and Founder of Unblocked Future, a boutique strategy firm specializing in emerging categories, she served clients seeking to leverage technology to enable a better future. A frequent speaker at conferences around the world, her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Venture Beat. Her best-selling book, Unblocked, explains how blockchain technology could shape both organizations and culture.  

Alison holds degrees in psychology, sociology and organizational behavior from Stanford University.