Statement from Frank McCourt Regarding Proposed European Super League

4/20/2021 |
Olympique de Marseille
MARSEILLE, France, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Olympique de Marseille today released the following statement from Frank McCourt, owner of the club:

"As an American who has had the privilege of being the steward and owner of clubs on both continents, I have learned that the culture of sports in Europe is very different than the American way and it must be respected.

In Europe, it is not a system built on centralization of power and reward in the hands of the few. Of course, we do need to find a model that is sustainable and this requires change. This has been the effort led by UEFA, which we support. Now is not the time to break our system. Now is the time to transform it while remaining true to the core values of the European football culture. All of us at Olympique de Marseille strongly oppose the proposals set forth by a select few clubs for a European Super League."

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