Guiding Principles

The McCourt Manifesto

Every day at McCourt we are striving for better. This requires a deep fidelity to our people and our partners and a steadfast commitment to our core values of trust, respect, and generosity. It means always taking the high road and the long view; and it means going beyond the norm to truly build a better business and a better world. 

At McCourt we go beyond doing the minimum to get a job done, we go the extra mile to get it right. 

We go beyond short-term gains, we build lasting value. 

We go beyond merely coping with challenges, we transform them into opportunities. 

We go beyond collaborating, we build partnerships that do unprecedented things. 

We go beyond waiting for change; we embrace it and, at times, help cause it. 

We go beyond dreaming about what could be, we roll up our sleeves to turn possibility into reality.

We go beyond philanthropy, we invest in social impact and the people who lead it. 

We go beyond choosing between advancing our business or improving the world, we do both.  

We go beyond investing, we invest in better.